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This is a recipient of writing made throughout the course of ten years. It includes reviews, reflections and short stories.

Tone and style

I have a pretty dry sense of humor. The tone can be at times a bit self-derisive and self-conscious, but I always end up in a good mood afterwards. I talk about moments and people in an abstract matter in order to be respectful of the lives of others but also because I am aware that my impressions of them are one-sided sometimes.


I talk about daily life incidents, stuff on the news, my life living abroad, classes I am taking, memories, some travels, reflections on growing up, and some short stories and recommendations. I always try to justify my arguments and foment the debate, as hard as it can be. That said, I also believe that the disclosement of ones ideas and feelings in a public space is not always met with approval, mainly because our priorities, values and personal experiences are not compatible and come from a whole different life path. If anything, I do feel strongly against certain issues*.


As these notes are more for me most of the time, I take the liberty of changing images and editing posts every once in a while if I find something I do not like or that could be written better. Usually, I do not add extra content to a note, but I do sometimes delete a post altogether when I find it has become a bit too much.


The automatic translation feature in almost all internet browsers nowadays means that I have stopped translating some of my earliest posts that were originally written in Spanish. Much is lost in the translation, but if I only wrote on the occasions when I have time, energy and the right mood to translate a poem or small text, I would not publish anything at all.


I wish I was more assiduous on my writing. Most of what I write is not good by my own terms, but as time goes by I have found out that I would rather preserve a range of terrible, mediocre and good texts than no texts at all. Specially now, when there have been so many changes in my life, I wish to preserve some of the memories of my late twenties, even if it means the quality does not meet my own standards. It is my hope that I can write stories and reflections about several themes that are close to my heart in a more structured, informed way that can justify their existence in a public space.

* Mainly about the privatisation of the public space, the worship of billionaires and the capitalist pursuit of material goods, the glorification of the working culture, the commodification of absolutely everything and the spread of monopolies. These ideas are so viscerally opposed, in structure and aims, to the ones of community work (unions, communal property, upcycling) and the division of government and private companies, that I do not think it makes sense to support them, or even tolerate it. It has done enough harm, and continues to do so.

Abajo la subrogación del sistema público. No a la privatización de lo público, que fomenta el pago de favores. No a quienes aspiran, con ideologías neoliberales, la explotación del ser humano a favor del enriquecimiento material del individuo. Es la historia de destrucción del estado social y del sistema de justicia y retribución lo que está matando en cuerpo y alma a nuestra America Latina.